RVIPMS members make frequent visits to various museums and shows around the country.


We also like to photographs subjects that interest us along the way. Hopefully their contributions will provide useful references as you build your models!

Members interested in submitting photos should contact the Webmaster at: JaysMR2@comcast.net


07-10-1999 The Air & Space museum

09-11-1999 The Dublin air-show

05-6-2000 Paul Garber museum

07-7-2001 Pope Air show

08-18-2001 Frederick Air show

09-14-2002 Mid Carolina Model Contest

06-29-2002 Life Guard 10  Bell 412 Rescue Helicopter

05-03-2003 Danville Airshow

07-18-2003 USAF Museum

07-18-2003 Cliffs USAF Museum Photos

07-19-2003 The Dayton Airshow

07-19-2003 Cliffs Dayton Airshow Photos

03-20-2004 The Steven F.Udvar-Hazy Center 

06-03-06 The Danville Airshow

06-09-2006 The Steven F.Udvar-Hazy Center 

09-30-2007 P51 Airshow

05-17-2008 Andrews AFB, Maryland  Airshow

04-02-2011 The Air & Space museum

04-03-2011 The Steven F.Udvar-Hazy Center 

07-23-2011 The Vectren Dayton Airshow

07-24-2011 The National Airforce Museum Dayton Ohio



03-24-2002 VLS and the "Strictly 43rd" scale Contest

05-11-2002 The Richard Petty Museum

07-03-2002 Williamson Road Car Show

10-26-2002  #97 Nascar on display

07-12-2003 Mooresville NC Race City USA

09-26-2003 Rescue Squad Convention

10-22-2003 Cliffs Photos of the George S. Patton Museum Fort Knox KY

10-25-2003 Cliffs Photos of the Corvette Museum Bowling Green KY

07-24-2004 The North Carolina Zoological Park

12-05-2004 1927 Vintage Fire Truck

04-28-2006 The Danville Tank Museum

04-27-2006 The Bristol NHRA Drag Races

05-21-2006 Virginia Department of Forestry

06-16-2006 Fast Freddy's Car Show

06-18-2006 The Explorer Park Car Show

07-21-2006  DeLorean Time Machine

08-22-2006 Virginia State Police Car

09-30-2006 Virginia State Police Urban Assault Vehicle and Harley Davison

04-06-2007 The New York Auto Show

06-10-2007 VIR Race Way "Historic Races"

06-16-2007 Fast Freddies

06-23-2007 Old Cranks Museum

06-30-2007 Star City Motor Maddness

07-06-2007 Thunder Valley Nationals Drag Races

10-27-2007 Good Guys Car Show Charlotte NC

03-07-2008 MDA Car Show

10-26-2008 Good Guys Car Show Charlotte NC

03-7-2009 The MDA Car Show and Model Contest

March 16 2014 Sinks Chevrolet Museum


04-20-2002 The Mariners Museum

11-07-2007 The U.S.S. Wisconsin

05-03-2008 Liberty Ship Cruz

01-23-2009 The U.S.S. North Carolina



06-7-2003 NASA Kennedy Space Center

05-31-2006 SpaceShipOne

05-31-2006 Mercury and Gemini Capsules

05-31-2006 The Original Star Ship Enterprise

04-02-2011 The Original Star Ship Enterprise

07-21-2006 NASA Kennedy Space Center

05-27-2010 Jupiter Missile IRBM

04-02-2011 C3P0 from Star Wars

04-02-2011 The Air & Space Museum

04-03-2011 The Steven F.Udvar-Hazy Center 

05-09-15 The Space Shuttle Discovery