James Herndon



Lives in Ferrum, VA

Member of RVIPMS for several months as of December 2010.

Has been Model building for 40 years. (as of 2010)

my first was a U.S.S. North Carolina BB-55 purchased at the memorial.

Special Interest in WWII aircraft (1/48) and ships (1/350), modern aircraft (all scales), some armor both WWII and modern.

Favorite glue: Testors Liquid and Zap CA


Favorite scale: 1/48 & 1/350

Favorite Paint or Airbrush type: Testors Model Masters, Winsor Newton Oils and Acrylics


Favorite brush is air of course (something cheap, Northern Hydraulics or something off the internet) and what ever is cheapest at Wal-mart in a pack of 25.

RVIPMS Member number: 104

IPMS number: NA

I enjoy; Fixin', drivin', and campin' in old VWs, Makin' Tie-Dyes for a livin', Watchin' Sunsets with my Honey of 20 yrs., runnin' sound for Kerosene Willy and


 recording, Painting Canvas, any kind of Art, You know the fun stuff in life, and Model Building, though not necessarily in that order!


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