We will be car pooling to most of these "road trip" events this year so stay tuned to this site for more information as it becomes available.

These are all local (one or two day trips) for RVIPMS members and we may or may not be carpooling to these events. Please ask a member for details.

June 17th

WWII In Minature at The National D-Day Memorial
 Bedford, VA
Contact: Rocky Sink: snkchevcol@aol.com
July 26th-29th IPMS/USA National Convention
Omaha, NE

Contact: Scott Hackney: scott.hackney@aol.com

August 12th 2017 RVIPMS Virginia Shoot- Out
Salem Civic Center, Salem, VA

Contact: Greg Clower: gclower@aol.com

September 16th PennCon 2017
Carlise, PA

Contact: Chester Mohn: Magnus47@aol.com

October 14th D & J Hobby's Model Show
Galax, VA

Contact: Darrell Burris: darrellwilliam443@yahoo.com

November 11th

RDU Con 2017
Raleigh, NC

Contact: David Shaw: dashaw127@gmail.com